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You Breathe

Turn every space into a safer place with a 24/7 automated indoor environment control system to remediate current COVID-19 indoor risks and guard against future airborne health epidemics.


'Monitor - Remediate - Display'

Enables clean air for any indoor space and transparently displays air quality conditions to all occupants.


Airthinx has solutions for all spaces: Airthinx IAQ for indoor spaces, Airthinx GO for mobile indoor spaces and Airthinx PRO for outdoor spaces.


Use Thiamis X integrated devices or connect existing HVAC & BMS systems to the Airthinx cloud with Airthinx HUB.


Build confidence and trust through transparency with Airthinx public dashboards & the Airthinx app while also performing real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data with Airthinx Console PRO.

One-Stop-Shop for clean air. Everywhere. Product Line

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Watch how Airthinx secure your health


Conforms to Every Standard

Airthinx solutions fully comply with the highest global institutional health & safety standards in any space installed.

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