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Bigbelly HC5 Smart Waste Compactor

Bigbelly SC5.5 Smart Non-Compacting Bin

Multi-Stream Configurations

Deploy your smart waste and recycling stations in any configuration to support local public space waste streams. Stations are modular and support any combination of waste streams at each location.

Waste streams available: Trash, Single Stream Recycling, Bottles & Cans Recycling, Paper Recycling, Compost/ Organics.

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what Bigbelly clients say

Bigbelly bins greatly reduced the time cleaners spent on clearing bins, which enables us to consider redeploying cleaning staff to value added tasks. There was also a reduction in plastic bin liner usage which benefits the environment.

Jerome Francis

Senior Facilities Manager, Changi Airport

Bigbelly bins have significantly improved productivity which enables staff to undertake more value add activities. The solution is effective in high volume areas, areas with unpredictable surges in traffic and far out locations that are time consuming to get to.

Qi Zhen Ang

Facilities Manager, JTC Corporation