Terra Sol Singapore

large range

Designed and manufactured for LASTING superior performance, our large closed-end horizontal balers feature standard heavy-duty shear bars that cut through even the toughest materials to help consolidate waste and create more uniform, better compacted bales. With pressing forces of 50 to 80 tonnes, full bale discharge, 4-wire ties and more, our horizontal balers provide the power and options you need to optimise high-volume waste compaction and recycling.

MACHINE Model H50 Standard Closed-End Horizontal Baler H70 Large Closed-End Horizontal Baler H80 Super Closed-End Horizontal Baler
Bale Weight
350–550 kg
450–800 kg
500-1,200 Kg
Bale Force
50 tonnes
70 tonnes
80 tonnes
Cycle Time
40–50 seconds
50–60 seconds
50–60 seconds
high-volume users, recycling centres, waste contractors, distribution centres, supermarkets