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Professional and high quality moving equipment with user friendly design and convenient features. Move bulky and heavy items quickly and safely today.

The XSTO product range includes powered stair climbers, counterbalance carriers, 2-in-1 handlers and all-terrain mobile equipment. All equipment is CE and ISO 9001 certified.

featured models

Powered Stair Climber ZW7170GF allows users to transfer heavy and awkward loads over stairs and elevated platforms.

With a load capacity of up to 170kg, it can be used for deliveries or to move appliances, furniture, office equipment, etc. with ease. It operates using a rechargeable battery and a straightforward set of button controls.

Made from aluminium alloy, the ZW7170GF is light and compact after folding, making it convenient to transport and easy to store.

Powered Stair Climber CT070B is the lightest stair climber in the XSTO range. It provides hassle-free transportation of goods over stairs and elevated platforms.

With a load capacity of 70kg, it has a caterpillar track mechanism that ensures stability while ascending and descending stairs. The track design also allows the user to make directional adjustments easily.

CT070B operates as a hand truck. It is light (<14kg), foldable, simple to operate and has a fast-climbing speed. It is ideal for the logistics sector, couriers, home movers, supermarkets, factories, etc.

With a capacity of up to 420 Kg, Powered Stair Climber CT420 can be operated with ease by a single person to transport cargo up and down stairs and elevated platforms.

By automatically adjusting the load’s centre of gravity, the CT420 ensures a balance is maintained throughout transportation. It can also move easily on flat ground.

The CT420 is suitable for commercial and industrial use and can be utilized to move large equipment, vending machines, gas cylinders, building materials, pianos, etc.

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