Terra Sol Singapore

main range

Our most popular and versatile selection of waste balers offers quick, economical waste compaction for low- and medium-volume organisations. With helpful features like integrated bale kickers, optimal bale sizes, mobility options and much more. LSM main-range machines deliver power, efficiency and performance that won’t quit.

machine Model V5 Small Baler V8 Mid-Size Baler V16 Mini Mill-Size Baler V20X Low-Liner CROSS-RAM Baler V50 Mill-Size Baler
Bale Weight
50–100 kg
100–180 kg
150–300 kg
200–300 kg
350–550 kg
Bale Force
5 Tonnes
8 Tonnes
16 Tonnes
25 Tonnes
50 Tonnes
Cycle Time
28 seconds
30 seconds
40 seconds
35 seconds
45 seconds
convenience stores, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants
supermarkets, manufacturing plants, logistics centres
supermarkets, manufacturing plants, logistics centres
medium-volume users with low ceilings
wholesalers, multi-product recycling plants